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Departments Contacts

Azanovich Maxim Alexandrovich


Levkevich Ilya Mikhailovich

Deputy Director for Main Activities

Togushov Viktor Pavlovich

Deputy director

Grigarovich Tatyana Orovna

Chief Accountant

Botyanovskaya Natalya Timofeevna

Deputy Chief Accountant

Antonevich Irina Alexandrovna

Head of Economics and
Planning Department

Marinina Irina Borisovna

Head of Material and Technical Department for National Teams

Shalota Alexey Valerievich

Head of Information Support

Shaikovskaya Svetlana Mikhailovna

Senior manager of the Hotel Department

Likhachev Denis Viktorovich

Head of Supply Department

Tkachuk Konstantin Ivanovich

Head of the Transport Department

Sidor Svetlana Anatolievna

Head of Sports Events Department

Prygicheva Inna Iosifovna

Head of the department for organizing and holding sports events

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