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Open competitions in draughts “Minsk-2022”


An open competition in draughts-100 “Minsk-2022” was held in the capital’s RCOP in chess and checkers.

49 drafts players of different age categories competed for high places.

The following athletes became the winners


  • 1st place: Maria Chesnokova
  • 2nd place: Anna Kulman
  • 3rd place: Victoria Nikolaeva


  • 1st place: Georgy Vyderko
  • 2nd place: Anna Kulman
  • 3rd place: Evgeny Zhukovsky

Mini Cadets:

  • 1st place: Yulia Kalmakova
  • 2nd place: Ivan Borodich
  • 3rd place: Pavel Lagutkov

Overall score:

  • 1st place: Ivan Kostunov
  • 2nd place: Yuri Tsimanovich
  • 3rd place: Andrey Kalmakov
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