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The World championships in fire and rescue sports have ended in Brest


The awarding ceremony was held by Minister of Emergency Situations Vadim Sinyavsky, President of the International Sports Federation of Firefighters and Rescuers Alexander Chupriyan, Governor of the Brest Region Yuri Shuleyko, Deputy Minister of Sports and Tourism Alexander Baraulya

We are trendsetters, so we showed all the participants of the competition, the organizers who brought the guys here, the heroic value of the Brest Fortress, the entire Belarusian people. I think that our young guys and girls have achieved a high result. I sincerely congratulate the entire Belarusian people, because we managed to hold a good international competition at a high level once again, said Vadim Sinyavsky.

Children are a special category in our sport. Relatively recently, we began to hold such international competitions. This is a completely new and unique story in the development of sports. Every time I admire and am surprised by the great passion to love my job, to love my deal, to love my neighbor, and all this is expressed on the treadmills of fire and rescue sports, Alexander Chupriyan stressed.

According to the results of a hard struggle, the places among young men and juniors were distributed as follows:

1st place – the Russian Federation;
2nd place – the Republic of Belarus;
3rd place – the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Among girls, juniors:
1st place – the Republic of Belarus;
2nd place – the Russian Federation;
3rd place – the Republic of Kazakhstan.

On this day, a demonstration of the capabilities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations units and a concert program took place.

Smiles reigned on the faces of the participants of the competition and guests of this large-scale event, because everything was really spectacular and enchanting.

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